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Better Your Events

When you go back to the same donors every year, you tire them out or you end up with the same types of items that you try to sell. By trading items with other organizations, you can offer unique items in your raffle or auction! The same boring staycation you offer every year can be an exciting vacation for another charity out of town!

Coming Spring 2018!

Membership $199/yr

Save Time
Don't waste anymore time trying to make trades with organizations who are just not interested or give you the runaround. In our network, everyone is here to do just that...Trade! You will have direct access to the exact person who handles their trades! 

Maximize Your Event Revenue

There is no such thing as "zero-risks!" Cut back on using consignment and sending high proceeds out the door! You are the charity right?! They make money off of offering items that you think you cannot get. However, with Charity Auction Trades you can create trips and experiences with each other, sell them, and keep 100% of your proceeds! No more writing checks and sending payments after your event!